Office of Vice Chancellor

In Rusangu University grounds, you will find the Musangu tree from which the name Rusangu is derived. This historic place is where the roots of the Seventh Day Adventist work are deeply embedded and where it all was pioneered by the great Missionary and Teacher, W. H. Anderson in 1903. He not only walked for two months from Solusi to fund the Mission but later lost his wife to Malaria and his father died during the long journey to Rusangu. He planted the seed of the gospel and Rusangu University and the largest Union in the world, Zambia Union Conference is the result of that humble sacrifice of one man with a vision to take the everlasting Gospel to Zambia and beyond.

 At Rusangu University besides growing food plants for example, bananas, cabbages, carrots, onions, oranges, lettuce, spinach and others, our main business is to grow men and women of sound character, of integrity, of intellect and wisdom. Men and women who will make a difference in the world wherever they will go after completing their studies at Rusangu University.

 It is my hope that the academic programs presented in this bulletin will shape the youth of Rusangu University to make a difference in the world we live in. They will impact on alleviating hunger, poverty, disease, corruption, injustice to inhumanity and bad governance. This world needs leaders, it needs natural and social scientists, it needs honest and dedicated people in teaching, in business, in healing sciences, and all sectors of service to society. It is the resolve of each faculty member and staff, to follow, the example of our master teacher Jesus Christ in service by example to the learner.

In spite of its humble beginning only years ago, Rusangu University continues to take its rightful place in order to deliver the best service. Its new campus in Lusaka will reach out to the working people who will access education after work. I invite you to emulate the zeal of this great pioneer, Anderson, to come one and come all and let us do our part and build Rusangu University in whatever way we can. In the traditional old way of pulling together for each other in the village, an African, when he embarks on building a hut, he invited neighbours for help. Voluntarily they bring what they have, whether grass or posts or bark twine. In one day, the dwelling is completed and inhabited.

 I challenge the students to take advantage and come and learn at Rusangu University and go from here and serve humanity. There is no better place than here at Rusangu.

Dr. Pardon Mwansa