Our History


Rusangu University traces its historical roots in the Missionary endeavours of an American Missionary named William Harry Anderson who until 1903 was the Principal of Solusi Mission. He crossed over in the company of several African Adventist workers namely: Jacob Detcha, Philip Malomo, Jack Mahlatini Mpofu and Andrew Nyakana and established Rusangu Mission in 1905.

 It initially opened in 1975 as Rusangu Ministerial School. It was the sole institution in the country that provided Ministerial training to most of the pastors serving the Zambian Adventist territory. It later had its name changed to Zambia Adventist Seminary to broaden the scope for the theological training that was being offered. In December 1993, a decision was made to re-locate it to Musofu in Chief Chitina’s area in Mkushi. However in 1994, the institution was closed so as to have adequate time to plan for its re-organization and upgrading.

 In 1997, the institution’s name was again changed to Zambia Adventist College due to its extended intended mission of incorporating other academic and professional disciplines in addition to theology. In the year 2000, the college re-opened and began to run In-Service Theological Programmes at Riverside Farm Institute in Kafue in collaboration with Solusi University. This programme caters for the local pastors in meeting the requirements of the under-graduate Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Theological and Religious Studies. A historical land-mark was made in our country when the doors of the Rusangu University were finally opened to our Theology students in May 2003.

 The need for a Seventh-day Adventist Institution of Higher Learning in Zambia is long overdue and indeed unquestionable. The move to establish an Adventist University in our country is irreversible. With such a large church membership of over one million Plus (1, 000, 000 plus) and of which about 70-80% is youth, the need has even become greater today than ever before. Needless to mention that, there are many of our Adventist youths and other youths in both public and private institutions who have had and continue to have no place to turn to for a balanced preparation for life.

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