Faith Engagement

Rusangu University is a Seventh-day Adventist institution. As a Christian school, we encourage strong moral principles and a close relationship with God. We celebrate the diversity of faiths represented at Rusangu University and respect the differences of beliefs that are present.

Sabbath Worship

We come from all over the globe, from various faith traditions, and some even from no faith roots.  With that in mind, we endeavor to offer a variety of times, places and approaches to foster conversations that will move faith development toward an eternity with Jesus. Find your fit at one of these uniquely designed Sabbath services.

Bible Studies

Bible study is one of the ways that we tune our spiritual ears to God’s frequency of love, peace and wisdom. As we experience God’s written word, it opens us up to receive God’s spoken word! As with the Israelites in Exodus 20:19–22, God does desire to verbally express Himself to us, but due to our lack of spiritual maturity, He writes things down to spark our spiritual maturation and bring us to a place where we can hear his voice (Exodus 24:12, 1 Samuel 3:9).